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An Everyday Heroes Novel


Buckle up, there is so much trouble when a new Malone boy arrives in Sunnyville.
A smart, sexy romance in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World.

It all starts with an adventure.
I’m determined to live my life following my own rules until a sexy, sinful mechanic stands in my way. That thick beard, bright smile, and wide shoulders make my panties melt…
But I’m on a mission, to have fun and just push my boundaries. Cardan Malone is implacable and has his own plans.
In the sheets of his bed, we find much more than a one-night screw, however, I won’t let it wrench me from my own plans.
Love isn’t in the stars for us.
Even though he’s everything I’m looking for. I won’t let that waver me from my decision. I will not fall for the hot mechanic, no matter how big his hammer is.

A full-length contemporary small-town /age-gap romance.

No cliffhangers, and no cheating.
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