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Blank Spaces

An enemies-to-lovers standalone


Everyone has a nemesis.

Lancelot Hills became mine the moment we met at his office a few months ago.

Sure, he’s probably the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.

The perfect suit-wearing devil, scorching hot. As if he just won America’s most eligible bachelor.

But anyone with a brain knows better than to fall for him.

I know better. Believe me, I do.

He’s so arrogant, and full of himself.

A dream crusher, determined to get me under his command.

So, why can’t I focus when he’s close?

Why does the control I worked so hard to get vanish at the sound of his deep voice?

I want to fight, but inside me there’s a blank space I’m afraid only he can fill.


TW → Homelessness, religious cult, home violence.

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