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Beyond our Forever

A second-chance standalone


Some loves last a lifetime. Ours will live forever…


Our story doesn’t end with happily ever after. For Bruce and I, it was just the beginning.

Marriage, the promise of happiness.

That was what everyone saw. However, that was nothing more than a mirage.

The reflection of the sun on the desert sand. Our story was imperfect, just as we were.

Now, I wander lost in a world I don’t know, blurred between the shadows of routine and loneliness.

Despite that, I am determined to keep going. Playing with pieces of my heart I’d never thought I would risk.

I’m looking for who I really am, when a man I never thought I knew comes into my life, making me smile again. Helping me to believe again.

He shows me, for once, I can be myself and be happy.

And perhaps, we can be happy together, beyond our forever.


If you love intense second-chance romances sprinkled with lots of steam, then you will love this page-turner story

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